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Spencer Creek Farm

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Contact us

Phone: 859-585--0111


Spencer Creek Farm is run by Martha and Darren Payne. Spencer Creek Farm is a small family-owned operation.

We accept WIC and Senior vouchers and SNAP EBT.

This farmer accepts pre-orders please contact them for more info.

We specialize in value-added products such as sauces, mustard, jams, jellies, pickles, etc.We also grow our own herbs and sell them fresh and dried. We are beekeepers and have a lot of native plants and flowers and perennials in our yard and gardens to attract bees .On good years, our few hives provide enough honey for ourselves as well as to bring to market to sell. Our flower gardens yield lovely bouquets to take to market. We sell our extra fresh produce at the market if we haven’t used it in our value-added products or canned or frozen it for our own home use!

But we also try and donate a portion of our bounty to the local food pantry as well as provide free bedding plants to the food pantry or worthwhile school and community gardening projects. We believe in helping keep our local farm economy strong. We love attending the farmers’ market and seeing our loyal customers and making new friends as we swap recipes, etc. We are not certified organic, but we strive to use organic methods and products at all times.

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